About DITC

The Defence International Training Centre (DITC) is an Australian Defence Force training unit under the umbrella of Australian Defence College that provides language training and cultural familiarisation courses for foreign military members. It is located at RAAF Williams, Laverton, 20 kilometres to the west of Melbourne central business district..

DITC is a modern complex consisting of classrooms, library, study support centre, computer laboratory and audio-visual studio, as well as a large and well equipped student common room recreation facility with wifi network open to students 24 hours a day. Students are accommodated in comfortable single rooms in four-room units that are adjacent to, but detached from, the main buildings. Each unit has its own common room and television/DVD player, as well as laundry and toilet facilities. Some accommodation units are also equipped with computers and printers for student use.

Meals for students are provided in the Combined Mess Facility. The mess provides Australian and Asian food, as well as meals to meet the special requirements of the many cultural and religious groups attending DITC.

After hours, students can work out in the gymnasium, enjoy a round of golf, play squash or tennis, or go for a swim in the pool. Sporting equipment is available for loan to students.

Just outside the base there are several shops and a supermarket, as well as a railway station where trains depart regularly for Melbourne; a journey of about 35 minutes.

Most students at DITC come from the Defence forces of more than 50 Asian, Middle Eastern, South East Asian, African, South American, European and South West Pacific nations. They range in rank from newly enlisted personnel to senior officers. Scientists, engineers, pilots and other professions also attend DITC courses from time to time. Over 800 students a year pass through DITC, with an average of fifty students in residence at any one time.