ADFELPS Sample Listening Test

  • This sample test version cannot be used to determine an official ADFELPS rating.
  • This sample listening test is based on the ADFELPS listening test used at DITC.
  • In order to gain a realistic idea of your own ADFELPS listening level, answers should not be changed after checking your answers.
  • The score for each task should be entered into the box provided at the end of each task.
  • Click the ‘Total Score’ button at the end of the test to obtain your total score.
  • Click the ‘ADFELPS Level’ button to convert your total score to an ADFELPS level.
  • For all listening tasks, the conversation or discussion in each task will be played twice.
  • If you want to print the sample listening test, click here to view and print the test.


Listening Task 1

As you listen to the tape, type in the missing information for questions 1–10.
You can play the conversation twice.
An example has been done for you. The answer is in bold.

Click on ‘Check‘ when you have finished.


All names, places, phone numbers and other content are entirely fictional and are specifically created for this ADFELPS sample test.

Listening Task 2

As you listen to questions 11–20, click the best answer from the 4 choices given.
You can play the conversation twice.
An example has been done for you. The answer is in bold.

What are the two people talking about?
A.    a train ticket                                                  
B.    plans for their summer holiday
C.    travel on a Qantas flight
D.    plans to travel to Penang

Click on ‘Finish‘ when you have finished.


#1 11. What time is Flight 087 departing?

#2 12. How will the officer get to the airport?

#3 13. The officer must check in

#4 14. The officer is told her Departure Tax from Australia

#5 15. The officer is staying in Bangkok

#6 16. What is the name of the hotel in Bangkok where the officer will be staying?

#7 17. What time does the flight leave Bangkok?

#8 18. What is the baggage allowance on the officer’s flight?

#9 19. Where will the officer stay in Phnom Penh?

#10 20. What is the telephone number of the hotel in Phnom Penh?