ANZAC Day for Liz


At the end of the tasks you will be able to:
• identify general meaning (gist) of a conversation  
• identify specific details of a conversation between two people

Anzac Day is commemorated by Australia and New Zealand on 25 April every year to honour members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.

Two-up is a traditional Australian gambling game that involves throwing two coins into the air.

Photo courtesy of DITC

Task 1

Predicting the Content

In this audio you will hear a conversation between two people.
Listen to the introduction of this story.

Click on ‘Check Your Answers’ when you have finished.

Task 2

Listening for vocabulary development – matching word/phrase meanings

These are some words and phrases you will hear in this interview.
Listen to the words and phrases in context.
Click on a definition in the “Meanings” box
Then click in the “Move meanings into this column” box.

Click on ‘Check Your Answers’ when you have finished.

Task 3

Listening for specific information – true / false

First read the statements below.
Listen to the audio.
Select true or false for the answer.

Click on ‘Check Your Answers’ when you have finished.


#1. Two people are planning to visit a friend in Melbourne.


#2. They are from Indonesia.


#3. The visit will include a trip to the beach.


#4. The friend in Melbourne is a regular visitor to the snow.


#5. The friend has asked a DITC instructor for help in organising


#6. The instructor has suggested that they can start skiing on the first day.


#7. They will probably stay in a motel.



Task 4

Listening for specific information– identifying correct phrases  

First read the phrases below.
Then listen to the audio again.
Select the phrase that you hear.
Only one of each pair is correct.

Click on ‘Check Your Answers’ when you have finished.

Task 5

Listening for key words and phrases – a cloze activity

First read the section of the interview below.
Then listen to the interview.
Type the correct word that you hear in each gap.

Click on ‘Check Your Answers’ when you have finished.